Things are gonna change

Things are gonna change
My beautiful girlfriend. She\’s days away from giving birth to our first child. We\’re both totally excited and can\’t wait to see what little wonder her tummy is hiding.
Good times are in store for (the three of) us.

Edit(20/06/08): Thanks for your comments. Yesterday was the day. IT\’S A BOY!


  1. Tim says:

    Congrats with the boy !!!! I know it\'s a lifechanger, but it is soo much fun. And…. that means that we are gonna get a lot of nice photos coming our way soon…….

  2. jezblog says:


    Love this image (im putting it as afave on VFXY)…… you will now have a fantastic little boy to photograph too…… wow like you say….great times ahead!!

    Cheers Jez XX

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