I\’ve decided to post a Christmas pic every day until Christmas. Exciting to see how long I\’ll go before raiding the archives. In the mean time here\’s a little classic Christmas mood. Brings a smile to my face every time.

Jeg har besluttet mig for at poste et julebillede hver dag indtil juleaften. Det bliver spændende at se hvor langt jeg kommer inden jeg skal på jagt i arkiverne. Her er i mellemtiden lidt klassisk julestemning der altid kan få mig i godt humør.


  1. Tim says:

    Nice idea. Looking forward to those pictures. And hopefully some with snow in it as well….

    BTW, those trees are popping up here as well now.

  2. Relatos says:

    It would be very agreeable to walk round there and to find a tree like that one. At least, thanks to you, we can see it at the distance. Greetings, Lucy Relatos.

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