Mattias Ronge

I just got home from a couple of literary days at the Göteborg Book Fair Bok&Bibliotek. Among the many interesting people I talked and listened to was Mattias Ronge, who was talking about his new book “Den girige”. His book is a thrilling tale of what can happen when people want more than they need, and more than they can handle.
I asked him if he’d pose for a few shots, and this is one of those.



  1. Tom says:

    I happened to be in Göteborg this week for work as well! Our hotel was fully booked, mainly with people going to the book fair.
    It’s a very nice portrait you have taken there, considering the harsh lights on such fairs might not always work in your advantage.

    • goldbear says:

      Thanks Tom. Yup , our hotel was full of bookish types too (myself included). It is the greates book event in scandinavia

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