Like a bug

Like a bug
Happy New Year to you all.

After 351 days of posting a picture a day, I\’ve just come of a nearly two week \”vacation\” from blogging. It was much needed and really nice. From now on it\’s not gonna be a picture a day. Hehe, it\’s actually quite strange stopping posting so much. I wonder what I\’ll do with all the hours I otherwise would have spent editing. From now on I swear only to post shots that \”need\” be posted.

Saw this little fluffy thing sitting in a bush, while I was taking a little walk yesterday. Almost looks like some kind of trapped bug.


  1. Joe says:

    I prepost for the whole week on Sunday. That lets me choose a weeks worth of images at a time so I can (hopefully) get a flow going, get all the editing out of the way, write up all the descriptions and then not worry about it. I tried physically posting everyday and whole months would go by when I didn\'t do it 🙂

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