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Lady of the lake

lady_of_the_lake-1 lady_of_the_lake-2 lady_of_the_lake-3 lady_of_the_lake-4

Jeg holder meget af at være udendørs og især i skoven. Sidste weekend kom jeg forbi denne sø, nærmest helt dækket af delikate hvide blomster.
I love being in the forest. Last weekend I came upon this beautiful lake all covered in white flowers.




Ever since my early childhood I had a thing for Depeche Mode. This track by the front man Dave Gahan awesome. And the video’s use of light and shadows is so well composed and balanced.
Tried to get the same tone in this image.

Iced over

Took this the other day with, on a photo trip with my good friend Mikkel (who runs an awesome food blog).
The goal of the trip was to capture the desolate, industrial sadness of town where the wharf has closed down.
On the harbour there was lots of nitty-gritty industrial motifs, but now and again also splashes of color.

Oh and the ice…