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The night before the night before the night

the night before

Julen nærmer sig. Imellem alt regner og alle de grå skyer var jeg så heldig at få et glimt af det større hele.
Som CV. Jørgensen siger:

“Hvor verden dog er lille, og menneskene bittesmå”

Glædelig og fredelig jul til alle.

Christmas is drawing near.  In between all the rain and grey cloud I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the greater meaning of everything.
Happy christmas everyone



I spent yesterday evening by the sea.
Totally alone on the dark beach. The only light the moon.
The only company my trusted camera.
Oh and gloves for not freezing my fingers off in the icy wind.


Sometimes a quiet evening is all i takes to calm the mind.
Just spent the evening looking up at the sky and hearing a camera in the dark go “click…..(wait for it)……(wait for it)……click!

Tokspor 2

Tokspor 2
This picture pretty much sums up what I did after work today. It\’s been the most wonderful weather today. freezing cold but none the less wonderfull. one of those days where you don\’t want to go inside.