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Kaas Briketfabrik

This friday I spent a beautiful, sunny afternoon in and around the closed down Kaas Briketfabrik, that made peat briquettes from 1926 to 1966.
The factory closed down in 1966 and has been falling apart ever since. And now it looks like your own little version of Chernobyl.
Sad really but hauntingly beautiful. Once hard work was laid here, but now everything is so very, very quiet.

Iced over

Took this the other day with, on a photo trip with my good friend Mikkel (who runs an awesome food blog).
The goal of the trip was to capture the desolate, industrial sadness of town where the wharf has closed down.
On the harbour there was lots of nitty-gritty industrial motifs, but now and again also splashes of color.

Oh and the ice…

Blade (runner) blues

It is no secret that I name several of my photos after songs. I was thinking about what to call this, and I got stuck at blade and Blade Runner 🙂
Ironic since the gap between the two is substantial; from saw mill/nature to sci-fi/replicants.
But what a movie. And the the title for this post/the track below is fitting too for both the movie and this rusty old saw blade.


Again and again I fall in love with old piles of rust. This Vauxhall is just rotting away, but how beautiful it is while decaying

Rust never sleeps II

Rust never sleeps II
Rust never seizes to amaze me with all it’s vibrant shades of red, and it’s fantastic TEXTURE!

(Something went wrong on my server last night so uploading was impossible. Therefore I have two pictures for today 🙂