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I går tilbragte jeg et par herlige timer med min gamle ven Theis / @tickrock. Han gik endda med til, at være lidt model

Yesterday I spent a couple of lovely hours with my old buddy Theis / @tickrock. He even agreed to model a bit


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Min gode ven Martin, der arbejder på hans musik projekt m4
My good friend Martin working on his music project m4


Mattias Ronge

I just got home from a couple of literary days at the Göteborg Book Fair Bok&Bibliotek. Among the many interesting people I talked and listened to was Mattias Ronge, who was talking about his new book “Den girige”. His book is a thrilling tale of what can happen when people want more than they need, and more than they can handle.
I asked him if he’d pose for a few shots, and this is one of those.


Things change

20-some years ago meets now. I got the idea for this at Dear Photograph. A technique I’m determined to try out more.
The idea is also to add a text adressed to the photograph. For this photo:

Dear Photograph.
20-some years ago we spent countless days together, building and playing. Now the house has changed, as so have we.


Sometimes I see people I just have to to take a picture of.
This is one of those people.
A guy (I don’t know his name) I walked by at Sonisphere Festival in Stockholm.
He just looked like a mean, intense and no-bullshit kinda guy. Wasn’t to happy a being photographed, but said it was OK since I was a dane 🙂

Things are gonna change

Things are gonna change
My beautiful girlfriend. She\’s days away from giving birth to our first child. We\’re both totally excited and can\’t wait to see what little wonder her tummy is hiding.
Good times are in store for (the three of) us.

Edit(20/06/08): Thanks for your comments. Yesterday was the day. IT\’S A BOY!

Walking on airwalk

Walking on airwalk
Some action photography for y’all.
Caught this little fella the other night whilst walking across a golf course. The little frog wasn’t alone. Thousands and thousand of young little frogs were migrating to god knows where. There were so many you couldn’t help but to step on some of them.

Sorry to all you crushed frogs.

Feeling sad

Feeling sad
Thought this face to be be quite creepy and sad looking. This little figure had once been a finely carved sculpture, but I guess acid rain and many, many years have erased the fine features, hollowing out the face. Too bad really. One of many faces found on the collégiale Saint-Martin, Colmar, France.

Btw: I\’m not feeling sad 🙂

See no evil

See no evil
The face of a sculpture located outside the Karlskirche in Kassel, Germany. Part of the religous art festival Vision+Audition.
That face sure looks creepy to me; like someone trapped inside.

Be happy

Be happy
I\’ve just returned from a week in Alsace, France so for the next many shots you might as well get used to the idea of modern art, gothic buildings and medieval symbolism 🙂