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Lady of the lake

lady_of_the_lake-1 lady_of_the_lake-2 lady_of_the_lake-3 lady_of_the_lake-4

Jeg holder meget af at være udendørs og især i skoven. Sidste weekend kom jeg forbi denne sø, nærmest helt dækket af delikate hvide blomster.
I love being in the forest. Last weekend I came upon this beautiful lake all covered in white flowers.

Green and red

Recently I’ve been working on a record cover for the awesome electronica-fazz-fusion-ish band Vektormusik.
This is from adjusting the camera to a photo session for the band. Really just a random plant from home 🙂

Oh PS: I can’t wait to see the finished version of the records. Should be out in the fall ’11. Only available as vinyl and download.


I’m not much of a flower guy but I like these. Especially the fact that something as beautiful as these are considered weeds.

Get out of my way

First post in wordpress. Things look a bit messy right now, but they’ll soon get cleaned up.

And why the change? Weniger, aber besser. Less is more and all that…