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To the sea

to the sea
At være på en strand om natten er en mærkværdig følelse. Derude er himlen stor og stjernerne mange.
Being om a beach at night is a peculiar thing. Outhere the sky is big and the stars are many.


I spent yesterday evening by the sea.
Totally alone on the dark beach. The only light the moon.
The only company my trusted camera.
Oh and gloves for not freezing my fingers off in the icy wind.

Rope and rocks

I just love the fact that this here fancy new cms, gives me the possibility to publish several shots in one post.

The beach where I most often go, is always littered with sailer-trash after a good storm. Lots of rope get tangled in the wave breakers.

Weekend view

Weekend view
This is the sight that met me today when I got off work. It had been a hot and stuffy day inside so I decided to take a drive to the ocean. The spice things a storm has hit this part of denmark the last couple of days so I really got some fresh air.