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Min gode ven Martin, der arbejder på hans musik projekt m4
My good friend Martin working on his music project m4


Allan Olsen

allan olsen 1Allan Olsen 2

Fredag var jeg så heldig at snige mig ind til en udsolgt Allan Olsen-koncert i Tårs Forsamlingshus.
Jeg ville egentlig bare købe lidt vinyl, men blev inviteret til at blive hængende af en rar managerfyr.
Lige pt. er Allan Olsen på turne med den superlokale “Jøwt”, som varmt kan anbefales…. hvis man kan forstå vendelbomål.

Friday I was lucky enough to sneak in to a sold out Allan Olsen concert in Tårs Forsamlingshus.
I really just want to buy the vinyl but was invited in by the world’s kindest manager
Allan Olsen is currently touring his new super local record “Jøwt”. Good stuff

R. Noor

R. Noor

Saturday night I went to a The Blue Van accoustic concert. As a warm up act the up and coming R. Noor  played a beautiful set.



I am lucky to have lots of creative friends.
This Thursday I went to hear my good friend Martin or m4 as he’s called, play his electronic low-key, and super interesting music at Open Mic Night at Huset in Aalborg.
I’ve heard many of his tunes before but his was the first time I heard a live performance. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to hear him again at Egholm Festival.
Here’s a new track he played that night:

bob hund : Låter som miljarder

I just recieved the newest album from the Swedish wunderband bob hund, whom I’ve been into since the happy nineties.
Their newest album “Låter som miljarder” (Sounds like billions) is on heavy rotation on my turntable/spotify.

And their videos are awesome too. Here the “theme” song:


Low light and beer makes shots like these.
From a concert I went to, saturday with the super charming and ever so talented n*grandjean at Maskinhallen, Frederikshavn, the very northern part of Denmark

Mikael K & Klondyke

A couple of weeks ago, a buddy and went to a concert with the fantastic danish band Mikael K & Klondyke.
Their text universe (especially on the on the newest release) revolves around the place where I live. The music is so poetic and fragile.
Snapped a couple of shots.