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Jeg har netop brugt tre dage på den vilde  Bok & Bibliotek, af holdt i en af mine yndlingsbyer Göteborg, Sverige. Billederne her er taget om morgenen dag 2, efter at være blevet rimeligt blæst på dag 1.
Biblioteker og bøger virker måske som et fredsommeligt mix, men på denne bogfestival er der nær 100’000 besøgende der bliver inspirerede på standene og lytter/deltager på de 2000+ seminarer, interviews og booktalks.

I’ve just spent 3 days at the sweet ass book and library festival Bok & Bibliotek in one of my favorite cities, wonderfull Gothenburg, Sweden. This was taken on the morning of day 2, being pretty blown away from day 1.
Libraries and books may, on the outside, seem like a pretty nondisturbing mix. But at this festival nearly 100’000 people show to the get inspired on the stands og participate/listen in the +2000 seminars, booktalks, interviews and more.

Into the wild

Sadly Denmark is a place almost without any real wild growing nature. Not many places and areas have been left to do it’s thing and run wild.
This is taken in a heath not far from my aunt and uncle’s. And when standing alone out there on a summer night, it seems quite nature-like


Last week I visited the highly strange and (and yet cool) Peterspladsen (Peter’s Square) in Bjergby, Denmark.
The “square” is inhabited by a wide variety of concrete animals. And there is a great view of rolling farmland


To my luck I missed a train today so I had to spend some time in Aalborg, the city I\’ve lived in for quite some years. This is where I went.

Edit: Funny. On the Google map there\’s actually someone sitting in the exact same spot as this pic was taken