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St. Pauli Waschsalon

After last nights mindblowing koncert with Kathleen Edwards and Bon Iver, I spent this (very early) morning walking around St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany and shooting, so there’s gonna be posted quite some from there.
For those that don’t know st.Pauli, it’s safe to say it’s the more punk-trashy-wild side of Hamburg, but also a beautiful and nice place with lots of community. And things to photograph!

I came across this laundromat. Had to shoot it (and the man inside)

Crack of Dawn

Crack of Dawn
Took this the other morning just before sunrise, in what was close to a blizzard.
I actually felt my eyelashes freeze. But city lights look good enough to get me out of bed and grab my camera.

(and yeah, I know the title is corny as hell)

Rolling clouds

Rolling clouds
The other night just before going to bed I saw that the sky had turned all black and angry looking. Not because of the coming of night but a massive thunderstorm was creeping in. What else to do than to rush out with camera in hand? The pic is shot just outside of our house.

So this is the New Year…2

So this is the New Year...2
A shot from the same shoot as yesterday\’s. Taken at Skive Fyrvækerisalg (Skive Fireworks Sale) or something. One things for sure: their signage can be seen for miles outside Skive.
Sad to say I didn\’t buy any fireworks though.

So this is the New Year…

So this is the New Year...
…and I hope 2008 was as good to you as it was to me.
A lot has happened in my life during the last year. More than I\’d ever dreamt of and mostly good things. Not a day goes by without me thinking: \”I\’m one lucky man\”. Well, what I\’m trying to say: Have a great 2009. May it be blessed
Btw: Took this shot one night in the Christmas holidays at a fireworks shop near my in-laws. Not exactly the prettiest sign but an eye-catcher for sure.

Tokspor 2

Tokspor 2
This picture pretty much sums up what I did after work today. It\’s been the most wonderful weather today. freezing cold but none the less wonderfull. one of those days where you don\’t want to go inside.

Walking street

Walking street
Suspended above the street these stars are a part of the decoration in the shopping street near where I live.

Spændt ud over gaden er disse stjerne en del af gadeudsmykingnen i gågaden nær hvor jeg bor.

Sparks flying

Sparks flying
I\’ve noticed how most of my christmas shots turn out quite yellow but I guess that\’s the color that signals cozyness and warmth. Works for me.

Jeg har lagt mærke til at de fleste af mine julebilleder er ret gule i det. Det må være fordi farven sigalerer hygge og varme. Det virker i hvert fald for mig.