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I går tilbragte jeg et par herlige timer med min gamle ven Theis / @tickrock. Han gik endda med til, at være lidt model

Yesterday I spent a couple of lovely hours with my old buddy Theis / @tickrock. He even agreed to model a bit



Som barn badede, opdagede, legede og fiskede jeg her. Nu gør jeg det samme med min søn

As a kid I bathed, discovered, played and fished here. No I do the same thing with my son



Summer is coming to it’s end, but in fall’s coming lies great beauty. And superb songs like this:


I am lucky to have lots of creative friends.
This Thursday I went to hear my good friend Martin or m4 as he’s called, play his electronic low-key, and super interesting music at Open Mic Night at Huset in Aalborg.
I’ve heard many of his tunes before but his was the first time I heard a live performance. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to hear him again at Egholm Festival.
Here’s a new track he played that night:


Low light and beer makes shots like these.
From a concert I went to, saturday with the super charming and ever so talented n*grandjean at Maskinhallen, Frederikshavn, the very northern part of Denmark

Mikael K & Klondyke

A couple of weeks ago, a buddy and went to a concert with the fantastic danish band Mikael K & Klondyke.
Their text universe (especially on the on the newest release) revolves around the place where I live. The music is so poetic and fragile.
Snapped a couple of shots.

Under the big top tonight

Went to the kid theater/circus called Cirkus Summarum with my son the other day.
It was so burlesque, different and awesome.
This Tom Waits-line kept playing on repeat in my inner ear:

“Ladies and gentlemen
Harry’s Harbour Bizarre is proud to present
Under the Big Top tonight
Human Oddities…”